Quillow games marks a new venture in my creative career. I’ve been on app development teams, done freelance illustration, attempted a few comics, but this is a whole new beast altogether. I’ve always been drawn to board games and I’ve attempted to make more than a few growing up. Something about interacting with other players face to face has always drawn me in, but It wasn’t until I started working with Sean Scott Garrity of Baksha Games in 2015 that I really started to grow a deeper understanding of how games are created and all the work that goes into them: balancing mechanics and design, colour and text, rules and cosmetics. How can the information be simplified for the user? Does the art and design lend itself to intuitive play? These are just two of the many questions an artist/designer looks at when putting together a game. It’s a long processĀ  but we all do it for the love of games!

Colton Balske