I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across this game not too long ago on @boardgamegeek. The title was familiar because I recalled the 1979 tile of the same name. This was a game my brother and I used to play with our grandparents, as they had (and probably still own) the original game. Stop Thief! is now back with stunning new art and a mobile phone app. @RESTORATIONGAMES has taken the nostalgia in gaming to a new level. Their mission of refreshing old and seemingly forgotten titles is exciting to me, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for new games from them.


A good friend of mine, James Van Niekerk, is currently working on short session RPG game called MINIONS OF MORDAK. I gotta say now is an amazing time for the genre in light of the Gloomhaven craze that’s currently sweeping the board game scene. Even though Gloomhaven offers a short of shortcut to traditional RPG’s like Dungeons and Dragons, Minions of Mordaks streamlines this type of game further. One of the hardest parts about roll playing games is the time commitment, this is coming from the flakiest D&D player known to me. James also uploads visual and game design tip articles that offer good advice for anyone starting out at making their own games! I’m excited to get involved and give this game a try!
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A few months ago my wife Megan and I had an awesome date night at a local board game cafe called After Dark. The night had a rough start after I attempted for, I kid you not, two hours to try and figure out rules to a game (not the game’s fault but that’s another story) I went and grabbed a game called DREAM HOME by Asmodee & Rebel Games. I figured the subject of a dream home would peak Megan’s interest and it looked simple enough to figure out. Turns out it was quick to learn, mostly due to the fact Megan read the rules, and it was extremely fun. In the game players compete by picking room cards and laying them out on their house boards in a way that optimizes their points. I recommend this game for families as well as couples! We loved it so much we bought a copy that night.