Food Fight by @Cryptozoic is a bit of an older, hard-to-find game, but I really wanted to share it as it is one of the first “real” board/card games I ever played. I was drawn in by the characters created by @robbmommaerts and the visual design of the game but soon became obsessed with the card drafting mechanic. In this game players control armies of food that are fighting to be eaten at the decided meal. The first army to five victories wins the game!


Armies of Primus is the flagship title for Quillow Games. It is a 4 player strategy game featuring, army and deck building mechanics. Players take the role of powerful sorcerers who compete to draft the mightiest army and master the most powerful spells all in order to claim the coveted title : Lord of Magic, over all of Primus. Stay tuned to get updates and posts involving beta testing, game design and crowd funding announcements.


I’ve been vigorously play testing an upcoming title, it is currently in it’s beta stage, and one of the biggest challenges I am facing is game economy. Right now I’m trying to find that sweet spot between giving the player too much currency (in this game: Mana) and not enough. The game takes a little too long for a player to gain enough Mana and make a significant amount of in-game purchases. The end goal is to make each player feel like they get a lot done in a turn, and not that they are infinitely waiting on Mana to generate.

Colton Balske